Lightweight Micro-Abrasion Blasting Cleaning System that is perfect for historic preservation, graffiti removal, building cleaning & automotive.  Versatile enough to also be used for maintenance, remanufacturing, fiberglass, disaster recovery (mold, fire, and water damage), concrete and traditional abrasive blasting.  The possibilities are endless. 

The ECO-100 has so much flexibility it can be used as a Traditional dry blaster or as a "Dustless" Blaster.

ECO-100 will run on any type of media. Including baking soda, crushed glass, JetMag, garnet and many more.

ECO-100 has an all aluminum welded construction which makes the ECO-100 lightweight, portable, easy to use & maintain.  

Check out this video on how easy it is to set up an ECO-100. 

Made in the U.S.A.!!!

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions                                  18.5"L x 16"W x 38.5"H

Dry Weight                                    80 lbs (empty)

Working Pressure Range            5-125 PSI

Minimum Air Volume                  45+ CFM

Air Dryer Required?                     Yes (ECO-Aire system sold separately)

Blast Hose                                     1/2" x 50' Long

Nozzle Size                                    4 standard - other sizes available

Control Handle                             Pneumatic

Wheels                                           10" Solid Flat-Free design

Funnel                                            Fast Fill with screen

Vessel Capacity                             1.0 Cubic Foot

Pressure Vessel Certification      ASME Certified

System Type                                  Pressure Release

Media Consumption                    60-110 lbs +\- media per hour

Water Consumption                    10-12 gallons per hour